Mach 3 Razor Blades

The Mach 3 razor from Gillette was its first razor to offer three blades instead of two to help you get a more comfortable shave. The special position of the blades on the cartridge allowed them to gradually get closer to your beard resulting in you needing less strokes to complete your shave. Each blade was designed to minimize irritation with a special edge. Gillette says the advanced lubricating strip will fade and let you know it’s time to replace your cartridge. Biggest complaint people have about the Mach 3 razor is the price of the blades. While you cannot stop shaving, you can shop smarter and buy your blades on eBay and get a much better deal than the retail stores. Instead of paying $2-$3 each at the store, you can get them for $1-$2 online.

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