How to Buy Razor Blades Safely Online

Since razor blades are a billion-dollar business the potential for fraud is high. What do you shop on Amazon or eBay, there are sellers who sell counterfeit razors. However, there are legitimate sellers that sell genuine blades at very good prices.

I want to help you make sure what you are buying is real and a good value. Here are some things to look for when shopping for Gillette razor blade cartridges.

Make sure the seller has tons of positive feedback with very little negative feedback.

Make sure the seller is not a brand-new seller. Scammers set up new accounts all the time that have very little if any feedback and try to take advantage of unsuspecting customers looking to get a great deal on razor refills.

Make sure the seller offers a moneyback guarantee on opened items. How can you tell if the razors you bought are legitimate if you cannot shave with them and then offer feedback? Just because the package looks genuine doesn’t mean it is. A seller who is selling authentic blades will have no problem allowing you to test them before you give feedback.

Watch out for razor blades being shipped from Hong Kong or China. There is a high likelihood that what you’ll be buying are counterfeit razors.

Watch out for deals that look too good to be true. Browse through several auction listings and see the average prices of the razors you’re looking at. If you find one seller that has drastically lower prices than all the other sellers that may likely be a scam.

If you follow these tips, you can ensure that the razors you are buying are genuine and that you will not get scammed.

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