Gillette Razor Blades

Gillette makes some of the best razors for men and women you can buy. You can walk into just about any household in America and find a Gillette razor blade in the bathroom. Depending on how many razor blades you want me to go with the two blade Sensor and Sensor Excel, the three blade Mach 3 or M3 power, or five blade Fusion razor. For women there is a full line of razors such as the Venus, Venus Divine, Venus Breeze, or Venus Vibrance to choose from. There are several available for sensitive skin, lubricating strips with aloe and vitamin E and other natural oils, fragrances, and shaving cream/gels built-in. With all the choices available, you are sure to find a Gillette razor blade that matches. You can find them on sale online and save over the retail prices.

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