Fusion Razor Blades

The Gillette Fusion razor is the latest in a long line of dependable razor blades from the major consumer products company that is Gillette. Its five blades parts based 30% closer together than the predecessor Mach3 razors. This allows you to get a more comfortable and precise shave. The lubrication strips now come with vitamin E., aloe and other natural oils and let you know when it’s time to replace your blade for anyone. The handy precision trimmer in the back allows precise trimming of your sideburns or under your nose. Compared to the Mach 3 razor, the five blade Fusion glides easily across your face leaving no nicks or cuts. Many people say you can reduce your shaving time with this new blade from Gillette. The biggest complaint is the cost of the replacement blades themselves. You can usually count on spending $3-$4 a blade. Except if you buy them from eBay where they do sell genuine cartridges for under two dollars each depending on how many you buy.

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