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Review Comparison of Gillette Razor Blades, Straight Razors And Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Gillette is a brand name commonly known as safety razors.  It comes from personal care products of Procter and Gamble, based in Boston, Massachusetts and United States. This brand product is owned by the Gillette Company and it is the international supplier of different products and join into Procter and Gamble in year 2005.  It is discovered by King Camp Gillette in 1895 as a manufacturer of safety blades.  The Gillette Fusion is composed of five blades on the front, and a single sixth blade on the rear for accurate trimming.  It is combined with advance shaving technology with a stylish performance that gives comfort in shaving.  Gillette Mac 3 consists of only three blades introduce in 1998 that has a functions of less irritations and requires fewer strokes in trimming.  A straight razor is a foldable blade and this is use for manual shaving as an old fashioned kind of trimming.  It has a double edge blade and is replaceable.  Double edge blades were introduced around 1902 and maintained a limited range of models. This is where a small blade is held in a suitable frame with a guard that prevents the edge from cut during shaving.  As years pass by, new Gillette products come and provide greater comfort in shaving.

Product Features and Specifications:

Gillette Fusion Power:

  • Gillette Fusion has an enhanced indicator Lubrastrip that releases lubricants to provide an easy glides.
  • Provides five blades shaving surface technology that are close to each other than Gillette Mach 3 and  helps lessen the pressure and more comfortable to use than Mach 3.
  • Has a 15 micro fin comfort guard for a more comfortable shave by slowly stretching the skin and will result to a smooth skin.
  • Battery powered
  • Different handle designs

Gillette Mach 3 Power:

  • Gillette Mach 3 has a forwarding-pivoting head and is designed to follow the curve of your face while shaving.
  • Has a moisturizer strip with Vitamin E  and aloe vera to soothe skin
  • It has a micro pulse that stimulates that stimulates hair up away from the skin to produce a closer shave.
  • Designed for easy use
  • Battery powered  AAA battery

Straight Razors, Merkur Razors

  • A kind of blade that has a foldable handle.
  • The narrow end of the blade pivots between protective pieces called scales or handle.
  • It has a tang that acts as a handle  to help raise the blade
  • It is relaxing and very manly procedure of shaving
  • Genuine stainless steel blade arm
  • Has a rounded exposure at the end of the blade compartment to minimize cuts
  • Professional quality for a barbershop use
  • Has a snap lock blade holder with inserts to ensure secure blade insertion
  • Has a 5 shark super stainless ½ blades

Double Edge Safety Razor blades

  • Has a turning knob at the base of a handle that releases a screw for blade replacement.
  • The heavy duty long handle model was craft in Germany.
  • Contemporary designs and classic
  • Chrome plated with straight guard precision head for a comfortable shave results.
  • Lightweight
  • Solid construction and non slip handle designs
  • Three piece model that unscrew that allows to put blades inside


Using Gillette fusion for shaving has a great result, because of the brand itself and the kind of blade being put. However they can be quite expensive.  It is been a common practice for a man to shave.  It looks neat and clean.  The skin becomes refresh and smooth due to the after shave lotion being applied.  I love a man who has a clean face without having a mustache.  The Gillette fusion has a similar uses and effects with Mach 3, with the same after shave effect on face.

The main blades of Gillette fusion are closer to each other like with Mach 3 and they have a great shaving effect except that the pivoting head are not similar with each other.  Gillette mach 3 has a 3 blades systems and it get closer to the beard that is why, you can save from re shaving.  Many men using these products and there are many choices and style to suits your needs and most of them preferred modern shaving.

But there are also few who want to experience a relaxing shave by going to the barber shop and let the barbers do the shaving for them – or at least getting that experience at home.  The barbers are using the traditional kind of shaving materials like, straight razors or the so called wet shaving.  If you engaged in this kind of shaving, you will feel a relaxing essence of being a man.  The barber’s touch is the most relaxed that falls down into a sleep.  While a double edge blade for shaving is just a simple piece of thin steel, with two cutting edges and provide a close shave.  Choose the right one for your needs and discover the benefits that each one brings.

The Gillette products are the number one blades used for shaving.  Since the most important is to find a good product for shaving, these featured blades will help you find your needs.  Whether you are a man or a woman, it has a design that fits you.   Women are also using shaver blades for their unwanted hairs to be cleaned all the time.  This is made not only for men grooming but for everybody who needs it.  Thanks for the Gillette company, we are rest assured of the effectiveness and values when it comes to shaving.  Be handsome and feel the essence of being a man, feel the softness and scents of the after shave lotion and you feel being relaxed.  There are also shaving kits available.  This is a set of blades and aftershave lotion with a brush for your shaving needs.

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