50 Personna Twin PIVOT Plus Cartridges with Lubricating Strip for Gillette Atra Razors

Brand Personna
Model 50AP
Price [wpap_price]
Listprice $0.00

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Personna Twin Pivot Plus blades with Lubricating Strip are designed for Atra razors and provide a close and comfortable shave! Many consider the Atra the finest shaving system made. These blades are better than the original and manufactured by American Safety Razor’s craftsmen – manufacturers of fine shaving supplies since 1875! We are proud to provide this product. 5 Packs of 10 Cartrides.….more info


  • Fits Atra Razors – 5 Packs of 10 Cartridges
  • Lubricating Strip to help blade edges slide over your skin!
  • Platinum/Chromium plated blades for longevity and sharpness
  • Manufactured in the USA!!!! Buy in Bulk and Save!
  • Personna Guarantees your money back if not satisfied.



All Metal Heavyweight Gillette Atra Compatible Twin Blade Razor with 10 Personna

$ 25.88

Gillette Vector Plus Razor 1 Blade (Holds Gillette Atra+ Blades)

$ 14.99

Heavyweight All Metal Chrome Trac II compatible Razor and 10 Personna Twin 2 Bla

$ 25.88

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